New Product Now Available!!

Introducing CATALYST Livestock Shampoo…one of our favorite new products added to the CEG product line-up! We all know a fresh, healthy hair coat is crucial to being competitive in the show ring and CATALYST was designed with those serious showmen in mind. Healthy hair starts at the roots, and the silk proteins found in CATALYST work to restore the necessary moisture needed to keep the hide healthy and dandruff free, sparking new, healthy hair growth. The Almond Oils found in CATALYST help combat hair loss and repair a damaged hair coat naturally without unwanted, heavy buildup. Being infused with our Fresh & Full along with its other benefical ingredients, CATALYST becomes a go-to product to fight yellow stains and brighten white livestock. This product is soap, detergent, and alcohol free and will not strip the necessary natural oils from the hair coat and is suitable for all species.

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