2020 Limousin Junior Nationals

Congratulations to all of the exhibitors and breeders at the 2020 Limousin Junior Nationals in the LimFlex Show!! Dominating performance by the Riverstone Charmed donor owned by Ratliff Cattle securing 4 of the top 5 as well as 3 other division champion or reserve champions!! All of these females are maternal sibs to Majority Rules!! Semen available through CEG and all major distributors!!

Majority Rules!!!!

We may sound like a broken record constantly telling everyone to use Majority Rules on their TH dirty cows….but it’s for good reason!!

Here is just another example of high quality offspring sired by him on a carrier female!! Watch for this powerhouse raised by CampbellCo Cattle (OH) selling this fall at CEG!!

Order semen on Majority Rules today through CEG or Cattle Visions!!