Competitive Edge Genetics is excited to offer a specifically formulated line of products exclusive to CEG and our product distributors! To place an order for any of our products please visit our online store at: https://ceg-products.myshopify.com/ or contact a CEG distributor in your area for direct shipment or delivery.

Fresh & Full Micro-Hair Solution

A daily hair care product that is all natural and made from top of the line chelated minerals that are easily absorbed and utilized through the hair follicle. The product was originally designed to “feed and condition” to improve the health of the hide and hair. In addition to the improved hair quality, it is a tremendous product to add volume, softness, and manageability instantly. Its comes as a concentrate and is suggested to mix 2 ounces with half sheen & half water. This product is silicone and oil free.

Available in the following sizes

30 OZ. Bottle $80.00

4 Pack of 2 OZ. bottles $30.00

Individual 2 OZ. bottles $8.00


Fresh & Full Ingredients

Usage Instructions: Fresh & Full is a concentrate that is mixed 2 oz. at a time in a 30 0z. spray bottle consisting of half water, half sheen. Spray the animal well and comb the product in followed by working the hair with a blower and comb to achieve extreme shine, volume and hair quality without the use of heavy oils or chemicals.


Fresh & Full Shampoo Concentrate

Designed with the same chelated minerals as the hair solution, Fresh & Full shampoo comes in a “soap-less” concentrate. Using natural enzymes to break down dirt, Fresh & Full shampoo doesn’t dry out your animals hide as a normal shampoo leaving  hair healthy, fresh, and full!

Available in the following sizes

30 OZ. Bottle $16.00

1 Gallon Bottle $55.00


Usage instructions: 1 OZ shampoo in your soap foamer or wash bucket. If using a soap foamer, mix some water in with concentrate to help liquify the solution.

DEVOUR Appetite Enhancer

Cinnagar is a natural oil extract from garlic and cinnamon that has been scientifically proven to not only stimulate the appetite but also assists in rumen efficiency, increases gain and also increases milk production. Devour was designed by one of the leading bovine nutritional consultants in the county! With suggested feeding at 1 oz. per head daily, DEVOUR is the most economical appetite stimulant on the market

Available in the following sizes

5 LB. Tub $35.00

12 LB. Tub $65.00


Usage Instructions: 1 oz. per head daily as a top dress