Sale Day!!

Bidding is open today on SC Online Sales for your opportunity to purchase semen on Majority Rules!! Pictured in this post are 3 more full ET sibs to him further proving just how consistent his pedigree is!! This is a must use Sire for 2018!!

Majority Rules pictured after arriving home from Denver

New For 2018!!

New For 2018 – Bad Hombre

We are excited to have the opportunity to offer this outstanding new PB Charolais sire backed by one of the best donors in the breed!! What makes him so unique is his build and structural integrity along with power yet still remaining smooth and eye appealing!! We feel he will make some great females but when used on club calf cows still generate those composite steers everyone loves!! Stay tuned for more details on semen availability!!

Distributed for: JB Show Cattle, Jackson Cattle Co

Maternal brother to Bad Hombre

Maternal brother to Bad Hombre

New For 2018 – Tattoo Artist

This exciting new Comfort Zone son comes to us in a double clean package and a build that we feel should make elite show heifers and replacement females!! The growing need for more maternal genetics has lead us to search out unique individuals that offer options to better customers cow herd base. His mother was a very successful show heifer and this being just her first calf has already proven her ability to raise quality genetics!!

Sire: Comfort Zone

Dam: Made 2 Order x Friction

BW: 72 lbs

TH and PHA Free

Distributed for: Schroeder Show Cattle (OH)

Donor dam to Tattoo Artist

Thank You!!

We would like to thank the following breeders for purchasing semen on Majority Rules tonight in our SC Online Sale!!

Lots 1,3 – Adam Schmalshof (IL)

Lot 2 – Gordon Latham (OK)

Lot 4 – Randy Boggs (SD)

Lot 5 – Zach Brown (TX)

Lot 6 – Harry Snyder (MN)

Lot 7,9,10 – Dylan Weaver (OK)

Lot 8 – Jim Lyman (OR)

Sale Day!!

It’s sale day!! Head over to SC Online Sales to purchase the first Majority Rules semen to hit the market!! We truly feel this bull is going to change history so don’t hesitate…get on board with quality livestock that have real world value!!

Majority Rules – Semen Sale!!

The first opportunity to purchase semen on the most exciting new for 2018 sire Majority Rules will be Feb 12th on SC Online Sales!! This initial offering of 50 units that was collected at Nichols Cryo is high quality and ready to ship direct to you after the sale!! We have searched for many years to find a bull as unique as Majority Rules that provides an outcross pedigree without sacrificing phenotype and structural integrity. The icing on the cake was he came back TH and PHA FREE!! Backed by quite possibly the most impressive female of any breed to step on the scene, those who have seen her not only at shows but at Trans Ova have agreed she has the potential to change the industry and this bull is just her first example of what she is capable of!! When you add Second 2 None on the top side of his pedigree it completes the package of consistency, hair, look and soundness not to mention stacking up 3 more well known donor cows. Folks we could go on and on all day but here is the short version…this is a bull that everyone needs to try if you want to push the boundaries of quality livestock and try to make them better instead of continuing the cycle of non progression.