Fresh & Full Success @ 2017 NWSS 

Congratulations to all of our customers using the CEG line of products on their success at the 2017 NWSS!!

Champion Limousin Female – Ratliff family

Reserve Champion Limousin Female – Lithicum family

Champion Limousin Bull – Lithicum family

Reserve Champion Polled Hereford – Lowderman family & Widerman Livestock

Champion Percentage Simmental Bull – Prestige Cattle Co & Partners

Reserve Champion Balancer Female – Vehige Livestock

State Of Mind – Video Footage from the Exercise Pen

We have been very critical when it comes to structure while selecting new bulls to our line up and this one was no exception!! Watch how fluid he is on the move yet still carries plenty of muscle and power all wrapped up in a maternal package that offers our customers the ability to make their cattle improve instead of trying the same old stuff that hasn’t been working the last 5-10 years!!

2017 NWSS

Day two of displaying in the yards at Denver was an overwhelming success!! Thank you to everyone who stopped by and gave us positive feedback!! The number one thing we keep hearing is the fact people appreciate the performance and structural integrity and “real world” value in both of our new sires!! We listened to what our customers wanted and we are glad that they are happy with the results!! Stop by the CEG stalls tomorrow again from 10-3 to view the bulls!!

State Of Mind

Day one of displaying in the yards at Denver is complete and we have created quite the buzz with State Of Mind!! If you are serious about taking your breeding program to the next level then this maternal sire is a must see!! View him again tomorrow from 10-3 at the CEG stalls!!

Puff This

Puff This on display in the yards at Denver today!! He was easily the stoutest bull yet still smooth and sound not to mention being full of growth and performance!! Thank you to everyone who stopped by and inquired about semen on this exciting new Charolais Composite sire!! View him again tomorrow from 10-3 at the CEG stalls!!

New For 2017!!

We have been keeping everyone patiently waiting for the announcement of this bull and today is the day!!
Introducing new for 2017 CEG sire “State of Mind”
This is by far and away the most exciting maternal bull we have ever promoted and cannot wait to show him to the world in Denver!! He is a full brother to the highly decorated Comfort Zone female raised by CampbellCo (OH) and sold in our first online sale that was shown by the Pryor family in 2015!! It is important to listen to what your customer needs are and what the industry is demanding and after the spring of 2016 over 60% of our gross semen sales were comprised of just 4 bulls in our line up all of which were completely maternal oriented. We feel this unique individual brings a fresh look, sound structure as well as performance and longevity to our industry that you our customers have been asking for!! If you are serious about taking your breeding program in the direction that the future is forecasting then this is a must use sire for the upcoming season!! View him on display in the yards this week and stay tuned for more updates via social media and our website!!

Full sister to State of Mind

New For 2017!!

It’s Friday which means it’s exactly ONE week until the first day of display at the 2017 NWSS in Denver!!
Introducing new for 2017 CEG sire – Puff This
Back in the fall of 2014 we were fortunate enough to have sold a PB Charolais female in our very first sale for $50,000 and at the time we had high hopes she would become an influential donor. This was proven sooner than expected…Puff This is a result of an IVF flush done as a virgin heifer and we couldn’t be happier to have the opportunity to promote this incredible beast!! We challenge anyone to find a bull with this much natural muscle and power to have the structural integrity and skeletal design he possesses!! This one will be a cow changer for sure and we also think he will be versatile in both northern and southern markets!! When it’s time to sort the men from the boys in Denver it won’t be hard to decide which side he will be on!! Watch for more updates via our website and social media!!

Dam of Puff This – $50,000 high selling female in the 2014 CEG online sale hosted by Steerbidder

From Dennis Harvey – Indiana

First calf report for Colburn Primo 5153 coming today from Dennis Harvey (IN) 
When we made the decision to carry this bull in the spring of 2016 it was because we felt he was an Angus sire that could change the industry and it’s starting to seem like we may have been on to something!! If all of Primo’s offspring are going to look this good we suggest you get an order put together for the 2017 breeding season!!

Colburn Primo 5153 X Fu Man Chu first calf heifer

Order your Colburn Primo 5153 semen through CEG today!!