For Sale Now!!

Ok everyone…the last time we posted a calf with this mating for sale it lasted approximately 15 mins so if you are serious about finding a high quality prospect don’t hesitate!! Here we have a Second 2 None steer out of the famed “Larissa” female that has created so much buzz since her show career began and she continues it now with her first offspring!! He can show as a legit Limousin steer but truthfully he can compete at the highest level of competition in the crossbred division as well…there is so much true quality, performance and structural integrity we can’t wait to watch this one perform in the show ring!! Contact Raymond at 712-249-2009 for more information!!

Larissa – Donor dam

For Sale Now!!

Tag 75 Second 2 None heifer for sale private treaty at CEG!! If you are still on the hunt for an extremely competitive female this big haired, squishy footed goddess will make working on one all year enjoyable!! Contact Raymond at 712-249-2009 for more information!!

Maternal Sister to S2N Wins Big at Louisville!!

Congratulations to the Chamberlain family on having the Grand Champion Maine-Anjou Female at the 2017 NAILE in both the Jr and Open Show!! This female is a maternal sister in blood to Second 2 None!! Contact any of the CEG team or major distributors to purchase semen on this increasingly popular sire!!

Second 2 None – I Believe x Anita Loan

Anita Loan – Full sister to ADPR 01W ET