New Product Now Available!!

Another new addition to the CEG Shampoo Line-Up! Take your daily skin and hair care program to the next level with ELEVATE. This coconut shampoo based product perfectly combines our Fresh & Full hair solution with both almond & emu oils plus essential vitamins and minerals providing moisturizing power to the hair coat and hide like no other shampoo on the market. Containing anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties, the oils in ELEVATE work to prevent dry skin and relieve minor irritations on even the most sensitive animals. All-Natural Emu oil works to awaken the hair follicle and thicken each individual hair strand without leaving behind residue to negatively affect the hair growth environment. Being soap, detergent and alcohol free this product will not strip the necessary natural oils from the hair-coat and hide. Use our Fresh & Full AMPED Up in conjunction with ELEVATE for maximum results! Suitable for all livestock species.

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