New For 2018!!


When we say this is the best bull we have ever promoted we take that statement pretty serious!! The number one thing everyone has been searching for is a bull that’s outcross enough to breed to all of the Heatwave bloodlines without sacrificing phenotype, structure or just shear quality. Then the next step is to try and have him be defect free but be built like a double dirty one. Guess what folks…we finally have the answer!! This new TH and PHA Free sire is 4 generations away from HW on the top side of his pedigree and zero relation to anything on the bottom side…that’s right…zero!! We lined up the best bull we had promoted in the past (Second 2 None) with the most powerful, intriguing and dominant show heifer we have ever sold (Riverstone Charmed) and the result was more than we could have ever dreamed!! Consistency is key and the genetics don’t lie…this bull is going to change the industry and that’s a guarantee!! Take all of the bells and whistles in his pedigree and his clean test results out of the equation and he will still talk the talk and walk the walk solely off how impressive he is designed both phenotypically and structurally!! 2018 will be the start of a whole new movement to make cattle better instead of spinning our tires and using the same old stuff that’s not any different than what we have had to choose from over the last decade!! Stop by the CEG display spot in the yards at Denver to see for yourself!!

Owners: CEG/Ratliff Cattle/Spence & Co Cattle

Semen Distribution: CEG